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Richard E. Dalton

Business Manager


Richard E. Dalton Business Manager
Thomas P. Byers President
Mark A. Totman Vice President
Gary G. Siesel Recording-Corresponding Secretary
Michael R. Bertolone Financial Secretary
Joseph S. Lucas Treasurer
Scott R. Stevenson Trustee
Jefferson S. Powell Trustee
Brett LaFaso Trustee
Gary M. Marsh Auditor
Thomas J. Perevosnik Auditor
Joseph W. Casto, III Auditor
Gregory T. Greenlee Conductor
Douglas P. Pallaye Guard


District 1

Bruce A. Johnson
Edward Markley
Robert W. Park, Jr.

District 2

Roger L. Goodman
Stacey L. Chamberlain
Chad N. Swartz

District 3

Brian A. Dean
Thomas R. Hyme, Jr.
Donald L. Staggers

District 4/5

Donald R. Black
Ohmer J. Harris
Kendall Budd

District 6

Michael W. VanFossen
James R. White
Clyde R. Christman