Press Conference ‘Bridges’ Bridge Future

“I am speaking on behalf of the many thousands of Operating Engineers and their families when I thank Governor Kasich for this program,” Business Manager Pat Sink said at a press conference with the governor who announced the state would spend $120 million to help repair bridges in the state.

“These bridges are the bricks in Ohio’s transportation foundation, and the workers I represent build and repair these bridges,” Business Manager Sink said. “That allows them to have their own health care systems, their own pension system, their own lifetime training and apprenticeship programs and a scholarship program for all family members.

“This has been achieved without any subsidy. Just honest work! We thank Governor Kasich and the ODOT family for this program.”

At the press conference, the governor pointed out that “This program is unprecedented. Never before has this kind of money been spent to help local communities and the counties.”

Watch video of press conference below.

Bridge Press Conference from IUOE Local18.