Business Manager Active at State’s Job Summit

Business Manager Sink was one of seven statewide leaders who recently took part in “The Ohio Governor’s 21st Century Energy and Economic Summit.” Its purpose was to take a look at a jobs-friendly energy policy for the state.

One of the key topics the panel covered was “How can management and organized labor better work together on business and regulatory issues to ensure Ohio’s competitiveness in the U.S. and global economy?”

Among Business Manager Sink’s salient points were that unions need to:

  • Become a partner for industry
  • Use jointly-administered programs, especially training
  • Retrain for new technologies
  • Use best practices in maintaining and supporting health and welfare and pension plans so they do not go from being benefits to becoming liabilities for either the worker or the employer

As he stressed, “the company has a desire for profits and the worker has a desire to make a living.”

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