Euclid Creek: A unique situation for a crane

This is a crane project in which what goes up, also comes down. It requires the same accuracy and skill to lower a load as it does to raise it.

The pictures tell the story.

Initially, a Liebherr 440-ton crane, with District 1 member Fred Gunn working for McNally Kiewit, hoists a 165-ton steering head up and then down 220-feet into Shaft #1 at the Euclid Creek tunnel project on Cleveland’s east side. With a 32-part line, descent was necessarily slow.The pictures tell the story.

When the steering head reached the shaft’s bottom, there was more than a mile of cable spooled out, adding an additional four tons that needed to be calculated as part of the load.

This is only one of many tunnel machine parts being lowered into the tunnel for assembly deep below the surface.

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