What it takes to build a road, a building, the future.


A machine that excavates dirt whose bucket is rigidly attached to a hinged pole on the boom (a long shaft) and is drawn backward toward the machine when in use.


A crawler (it has treads that help it move) that has a big-very big- metal blade in front that is used to push a lot of soil, sand and other material during road construction or in clearing land for buildings.

hydraulic crane

The most common crane is used to lift, shift or lower heavy weights, using a swinging arm attached by cables that project (stick out) from a supporting, usually moveable, beam.

Crane, Crawler

Unlike a regular crane which does not move from its spot, a crawler crane is mounted on an undercarriage that keeps it stable, and has a set of tracks (crawlers) that allow it to move on the job.

road grader
Road Grader

This vehicle has a large blade in front to help create a flat surface to the ground, and put the “finish grade” to the “rough grading” done by heavier equipment such as bulldozers and scrapers.


A heavy piece of equipment used to move earth by cutting into the soil. Once its hopper (like a bowl) is full the scraper can move its load to where it can be tumbled out.