ACA requirement for 1095-B on Income Tax Reporting.

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1095-B Form


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In case you are wondering, the XG stands for “neXt Generation”

OOE Health and Welfare Benefits

Our Health and Welfare Plan is a multi-employer health program providing medical, prescription drug, loss of time and death benefits to Operating Engineers who work a specified number of hours for contributing employers. Medical and prescription drug benefits are also available to spouses and dependent children of Operating Engineers.
Medical benefits include payment for certain well child care, preventive care for adults, physician services, hospital charges and other medical expenses. A medical reimbursement account (MRA) (based on hours worked) is available to reimburse some of the medical expenses (such as deductibles and dental care) that are not otherwise paid by the Plan.

The loss of time benefit pays a weekly dollar amount for a specified period of time to an Operating Engineer who is unable to work due to disability. Death benefits are paid to an Operating Engineer’s beneficiary.

An Operating Engineer who retires or becomes disabled after meeting specified industry service requirements has the option to continue medical and prescription drug coverage by making self contributions that are set by the Trustees and generally relate to length of service.

The OOE Pension Benefits

Our Pension Fund is a multi-employer retirement plan providing income to Operating Engineers in their retirement years. The benefit amount depends on Plan terms, length of service, age at retirement and the form of payment selected by the Operating Engineer.
Full retirement benefits are available at age 62 and Operating Engineers as young as 57 can qualify for early reduced retirement benefits under current plan guidelines.

Upon retirement, the Operating Engineer can choose one of several options for the payment of monthly benefits, including a benefit that would continue payments for the lifetime of the Operating Engineer’s spouse in the event the spouse outlives the Operating Engineer. In addition, death benefits are available to an Operating Engineer’s spouse or beneficiary if the Operating Engineer dies before retirement.

Education and Safety Fund

The Education and Safety Fund is an excellent benefit for members of Local 18. Members who work for companies that participate in this program have an amount diverted from their wage package to fund the annual scholarship awards. Scholarships are based on the money available and the number of eligible applicants who apply.
A member must be eligible for Local 18’s Health and Welfare plan in order to qualify for a scholarship. Qualified dependents may be eligible for scholarships if they meet the requirements established by the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Operating Engineers Education and Safety Fund.

Scholarship monies are to be used for tuition, fees and books. Internet classes are covered to the extent that the student is required to attend the school for testing and/or attendance requirements during the term of the class.


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