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from the state capital to the nation’s capital

Our Legislative Department is responsible for lobbying and maintaining contact with local, state and federal governments on the issues of vital importance to Local 18.

Our primary focus is advocating for legislation that creates and sustains jobs in the construction industry, including highway, building, aviation, sewer, water and pipeline, among others. We always support legislation that enhances Ohio’s commerce.

Equally as important are the issues of pension, health and welfare, jobsite safety and any other issue related to the construction industry, in addition to ensuring building and plant standards for stationary engineers.

We recognize the legislative process is vital to the success of our union and our members. We do not live in a vacuum and understand legislative acts by government may affect our standard of living. We also realize the importance of the process, and will continue to remain active in the process not only today, but in the future.

That future is in our hands. We must recognize that and take the steps necessary to achieve our goals. First, we must register to vote. Then we must vote for the candidates who best represent our interests and our membership on those issues that affect us, directly and indirectly, especially in the areas of job creation and maintenance.

To keep our friends elected, we must help them by contributing to their campaigns. We can achieve that with voluntary contributions to PEP’s Club 18! We can achieve that if you register and vote! We can achieve that if you volunteer when you can!

As important as each individual’s efforts are, we can only reach our goals when we all work together as one united organization. In Union There Is Strength!

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