This combined sewer overflow project began in October 2015 and completion is scheduled for spring or early summer of 2017. The heart of the project is located at Jaycee Park on Pleasant St. in Norwalk.

The original pump station was built in the 1970s and updated in 1999. However, it still wasn’t big enough to handle the flow during peak times. When overwhelmed, it would overflow into Norwalk Creek.


Underground Utilities is constructing the gravity sewer from Water to Pleasant streets, and the force main from Pleasant to Washington streets. Underground will then tie-in to the pump station on Washington.

Mosser Construction is building a 40’ deep wet well, two manholes, the piping from wet well to pump station, the pump station’s 130’ x 80’ retaining wall, and an overflow storage basin (100’ x 100’ x 20’ deep) with a 500,000 gallon capacity. Mosser will also set the backup generator and restore Jaycee Park.

Richard Goettle will construct the tie banks for the basin walls and Grout Systems is drilling auger cast piles to stabilize the basin.

This project has provided work for 12 members.