The George V. Voinovich Bridge, also known as the I-90 Innerbelt Bridge, is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the third generation Cuyahoga River crossing at this location. TGR Corporation, created by the Trumbull Corporation, The Great Lakes Construction Company and The Ruhlin Company, is currently building the eastbound span. Walsh Construction built the westbound span.

This project has provided good, steady work for many Operating Engineers since the summer of 2011 and with 77% now complete, this project should be done by late 2016 to early 2017.


Joseph B. Fay Company and All Erection & Crane Rental demolished the 1959 “pratt deck truss” span. Joseph B. Fay methodically disassembled the old span and completed the job on July 12, 2014 using explosives provided by Controlled Demolition, Inc.


  • TGR came behind Joseph B. Fay immediately to start driving piling and forming piers.
  • Nicholson Construction Services helped TGR on the west bank of the Cuyahoga River to erect caissons along the river’s edge.
  • All Erection & Crane Rental and Amelie Construction worked on the lower east end of the span over Broadway Avenue setting steel for TGR at night.
  • Perk Company did intersection improvements on both ends of the east bound span.
  • Hydracrete Concrete Pumping pumped the concrete for the piers. Cuyahoga Concrete produced the mix.
  • Miller Cable worked on lighting and signalization.
  • Shelly company laid the asphalt and Boca Construction did the milling.
  • Cuyahoga Bridge & Road built the majority of the small bridges for TGR on the west end of the project.
  • George Gradel is helping complete the section that spans the Cuyahoga River using tugboats and barges.


  • When completed, each span will carry five lanes of traffic and there will be modern LED color changing lighting systems
  • The total project is 3.24 miles
    • The westbound span is 4,347 feet long and 136 feet tall
    • The eastbound span is 3,918 feet long and 136 feet tall
    • There are 27 piers with 13 supporting the eastbound span
  • The steel girders are over 100 feet long and 100,000 pounds each
  • Roughly 80,000 cubic yards of concrete will be used in caissons, piers and decking on the eastbound span
  • When the 1959 span was demolished 19,775 tons of steel and 32,500 cubic yards of concrete were recycled
  • The twin bridge will carry more than 140,000 motorists a day.
  • ODOT and the TGR team will conduct bi-monthly, one-hour tours for the public through September 2016