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Labor History Class – A Day Well Spent

Old-equip1The creation of America’s first union in 1869 was not the end of the working person’s struggle. Nor was the creation of Local 18 in 1939, exactly 70 years later.

Local 18’s Labor History classes, created in 1994, not only tell the history of labor, but cover subjects that give members a better understanding of labor yesterday and today.

Classes cover the struggles of workers; laws that affect unions and threats to those unions; right to work (currently another threat in Ohio); the structure of Local 18 and the history and value of Local 18’s fringe programs.

The all-day classes, held on Saturday during the off season, have been taught by Business Manager Patrick Sink, President Rick Dalton, District Representative Gary Siesel and Organizer Tom Byers.

Organizing and legislation are two areas of ongoing concern to unions. To keep members informed, Organizing Director Premo Panzarello discusses this important topic, and Legislative Representative Mark Totman brings members up-to-date on the goings-on in Columbus and Washington.

To learn when the next Labor History class will be held in your area, check your training manual, your district office or the Buckeye Engineer.