With Local 18’s Help – They’re Blowin’ in the Wind!

They soar 256-feet in the air. And go 32-feet under ground.

They are wind turbines, and each of the four in the Bowling Green Wind Farm Project can produce enough electricity to power approximately 785 homes.


That’s wind power! But it was people power.people power from District 2.that helped erect the massive turbines that are bringing renewable, alternative energy to almost 3,000 people in the area.

Local 18 contractors B. Hillz Excavating, Barnhart Crane and Rigging and Jeffers Crane Service, using the skills of District 2 members, did everything from the ground to the sky, from footers to blades that seem to stretch to the heavens.

The Bowling Green Wind Farm is the first utility-size wind farm in the state of Ohio. It began as a joint venture between Bowling Green’s public utilities department, American Municipal Power-Ohio and Green Mountain Energy.

Wind energy has become the fastest growing renewable energy sector, and in 2007, capacity of wind turbines in the United States increased 45%.


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