well-pad-featuredIt’s estimated there will be approximately 20,000 Utica Shale wells drilled in Ohio during the next decade. Local 18, with its trained, highly skilled, certified Operating Engineers already have been building the pads, roads and other requirements needed to help Chesapeake Energy explore and open the Utica Shale fields from Ashtabula County in the east to Medina County in the west and as far south as Washington County.

A typical Utica Shale pad covers approximately four acres, and the access road to the pad can range from 500 feet to one mile long, depending on the location of the well pad permit. These projects are on an extremely time-sensitive schedule, and the pad and access road must be built correctly and quickly the first time to ensure fast and safe drilling operations.

More than 30 signatory Local 18 contractors, including Beaver Excavating, have been providing their expertise on the Utica Shale exploration.

One of these contractors is Beaver Excavating which is working on the Kline Well on a site in Portage County off S.R. 225, just north of I-76. As with most other pads, this one covers approximately four acres, and has a 1,200 foot long access road.

The well pad and access road are surrounded by storm water trench and runoff areas, with a silt fence and mulch socks.

To see how Local 18 operators used GPS technology and Caterpillar equipment to get the job done in 10 days, click here.

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