Members Help Chesapeake Energy Move into Stark County Headquarters

When Chesapeake Energy announced it would build its Utica Shale headquarters in Louisville in Stark County, it also announced the project on the 291 acre site was on a tight schedule.

Local 18’s professionalism was just what the project needed to meet that schedule.

The first phase of the project was to build a road into the site, and a bridge that would span a small creek and wetlands area. The bridge is at the entrance to the drive, and has bridge beams that are 75 feet long and weigh more than 70,000 pounds each.

To raise the bridge’s 16 beams required two hydraulic truck cranes, provided by All Crane and operated by Local 18 members. Working together, the operators picked the beams, swung them and set the beams in place, while oilers gave hand signals to assist and synchronize the lift.

That tight schedule? In five days the beams were unloaded and set in place!

According to a Chesapeake press release, “This project demonstrates our commitment to the city of Louisville, Stark County and many other communities neighboring our area of operations in the Utica.”

Chesapeake Cranes 2

Watch as Local 18 operators set a bridge beam

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